MAJOR PRODUCT UPDATE: The next generation of secure external collaboration with Objective Connect

We’re excited to announce the next major product updates to Objective Connect. Hear how these innovations will enable your team to do more with external parties.



UX-driven design. New capabilities.

Usability, auditability, security and integration: see how the new product innovations in Objective Connect will enable your team to do more with external parties.  

Objective Design Language (ODL) introduces new UX features.

You may be familiar with ODL already – it’s the common user interface that is deployed across the Objective family of solutions. ODL has now been applied to Connect, and it brings a number of new features:

  • Quickly add new documents, folders or participants in one click with Floating Action Buttons
  • Navigate away from a page while content is uploading with Blades
  • Recognise at a glance what workgroup you are in with Workgroup logos on the main dashboard
  • Easily identify content with thumbnails in grid or list view

Not all collaboration is two-way: download as a permission.

You spoke, and we listened. Within our customer base, there are multiple use-cases that require organisations to share content but restrict the ability to download local copies.  To enable this, Connect is now enhanced with:

  • Universal preview in the browser
  • Watermarking
  • Download as a permission

We unveiled these updates at our recent annual conference. So if you missed it - register for our webinar for a sneak preview of what’s coming!