Collaboration as a Shared Service – implementing Multi-Workgroup

Meeting the collaboration needs of every department, process and project.

A standard, approved and shared service

Objective Connect now supports multiple workgroups for organisations with an Enterprise subscription. This enables CIOs to provide a standard, approved and shared external collaboration platform across an organisation. The many benefits include a unified experience collaboration experience for all team members, minimized training requirements across an organisation, especially one that has recently merged or amalgamated.

Create additional workgroups for your organisation

Workgroups can be created to support specific departments, projects or processes. As each workgroup has their own unique set of Administrators and Members, it provides an assurance that differing forms of collaboration are segregated. At the end of the session you will have learnt how:

  • Your existing Objective Connect Subscription can be shared by your entire organisation, with each workgroup sharing from a combined pool of Connections
  • Additional workgroups can be integrated to your existing Document Management System (DMS), an alternate system used by another department or standalone
  • A ‘real-time’ dashboard view of all workgroups provides a simple view of consumption, allowing for simplified cross-charging
  • Organisations like Glasgow City Council have embraced multi-workgroup across a diverse range departments and processes