Practical Digital Transformation: collaboration use-case deep dive

Step-by-step demonstration of how to transform development applications, contractor management and business continuity planning with Objective Connect.

Transform contractor management, business continuity planning and development applications

External collaboration comes in many, unstructured forms. Luckily Objective Connect is flexible enough to meet the needs of any department, project or process that requires input from external parties. This interactive 30-minute webinar focusses on 3 specific use-cases that are common across many of our customers in both the public sector and regulated industries. Each use-case will be demonstrated with a step-by-step demonstration on how the process can be facilitated using Objective Connect:

  • Contractor Management: Whilst third party service providers act as extension of your organisation, they often do not have access to your internal systems. Learn how Objective Connect can provide a single, secure, online workspace for every third-party service provider
  • Business Continuity Planning: Business continuity plans distributed on paper or USB are generally out of date the moment they are distributed. Objective Connect can ensure that plans are always up-to-date and available anywhere and at any time
  • Development Applications: Local Government continues to deal with a mix of paper, USBs and DVDs when approving development applications. The entire process can be moved online with Objective Connect ensuring auditability and transparency, whilst increasing access for third party assessors